Forensic Analysis Software: Find the Suspicious Mail Sender

Forensic Analysis Software

It has been false belief that when an email is permanently deleted, it cannot be restored. While the fact is that while forensic analysis of email, corrupt or deleted emails are must to be recovered so as to ensure that all evidences to resolve a law suit are retrieved. Analysis Email Header tool makes analysis of forensic evidence convenient by giving a reliable platform to examine header of mail message. Forensic analysis software helps to examine emails from 10 file formats: OLM, EDB, OST, PST, OLM, TBB, EML, MBX, MBOX & IMM, without their respective applications installed. Our solution helps in checking email spoliation through analysis email header and also lets the computer forensic technicians create evidence report that can be presented while litigations.

Social Engineering as a Part of Cyber Space Crime!

Emails although considered a reliable interaction medium but the fact cannot be denied that is being misused for cyber crime activities. Analysis forensic evidence of email has become crucial in order to check out the actual culprit of the offense. Most of the time, messages with subjects notifying that:

"You are a Winner" claiming that you have won a lottery and for sending the prize, you need to provide your bank details. This is done by "Greed-Phishers".

"There is a problem" and you need to up-date your account in order to keep it under-functioning. Generally these scams comprises of warning as what could happen if the mail receiver won't act sooner.

These are social engineering attempts where people are manipulated so that they can give up their confidential information. This is done for identity theft, for getting fake funds, to get contact details etc. Forensic analysis software gives a way to examine header and analysis email header through different views of the emails like hex view, MIME, HTML, RTF, Normal etc.

Analysis of Email Header

Software Attributes for Forensic Analysis of Email

The first step with this best email forensic software is email search where users are free to find email by any keyword.

The solution for digital examination or email analysis recovers corrupt and deleted emails.

Analysis of forensic evidence through "Search" option is made quick and convenient.

Contacts in PST, OST, OLM and EDB files can be analyzed with forensic analysis Software.

Analysis Email Contact

Export examined emails and contacts to HTML, TIFF, MSG, EML and EML format.

Export Forensic Email

Our forensic analysis software gives option to maintain case repository with proper fields.

Testimonials of the Forensic Analysis Software:

MailXaminer is a comprehensive utility with extensive support towards both web-based applications and desktop email clients. It is undoubtedly an expert's choice which helped us for our email forensics examination providing visibility to identify suspicious emails.

- Scott Taylor, Washington DC

I must say that tool is production-ready platform which helped us to investigate email files of varied Operating Systems and applications. Its readiness, interactive interface, features, consistency and presentation allowed us to pace up the investigation. Thanks for the tool!

- James Nolan, Spain